Anna (hookahkitty) wrote,

Dear Ohio Legislaters, Please quit taking away my freedoms

Its weird how stupid laws can totally ruin an experience for you. Columbus has passed this ridiclous new law that you can no longer smoke in any indoor establishment, including bars, clubs, and concert halls. I understand the purpose of the new law, but when 75% of the people at the Newport, a concert hall, miss the concert to go outside and smoke a cigeratte or pass around a bowl or what not, this seems to be an issue. To top it off you can't even bring your beer outside. Last night I had to chug a 32oz beer before going outside to smoke with my friends. Do you understand how much I wanted to puke after that. Seriously people, even if you don't smoke (which I do not on a constant basis) vote in November to restore our freedom to kill ourselves. It is one thing to outlaw smoking in resturants, cafes, and food establishments where the crowd often includes family, older folks, and children, but to outlaw this at bars is assanine. First off, anyone who has ever been to a bar knows that often times people smoke when they drink, yet do not at other times (generally speaking this is myself. Second, to get into most bars, you have to be 18 (or even 21). At this age people are old enough to make decisions on rather or not to smoke and to visit establishments which do not permit smoking.

The problem with smoking inside comes to the layout of the bars, not the smokers themselves. Bars and clubs like the Newport and Howards in Bowling Green are very poorly venahilated get extremely hot and unsafe when crowded. The fact that bars like this have not been condemed due to violations of fire code is crazy. That is the real safety issue, not a person's exposure to second hand smoke. So I am begging you to please vote to bring back our freedoms in November.
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