Anna (hookahkitty) wrote,


So back in good ole BG taking classes and spending money. Trying desperately to get away. I don't know what it is, but this place makes me negative, very negative. I have been really apathetic lately, sitting in my room, waiting for people other than the usual few to call, but yet I don't feel like picking up the phone and calling anyone either. I need a job, but no one is hiring. I spend days anxiously searching job sites, trying to find the dream internship for the summer, but alas none of the ones I want ever pay or I not qualified, or I am too scared of rejection to even apply to them. I think that is it. I have it in my mind that the rejection that I will face is not worth the effort of putting together a cover letter. I think I am going to talk to someone at the career center about this fear and learn how to sell myself in a postive light, cause I sure as hell can't do it on my own without help. I need to get out, but have no way to do it. I am going to washington this weekend though. That makes me happy.

I miss Gregg like crazy and its affecting my moods. I get mad at him for little things. I need to do more, be more involved. When I am around people, I don't think about it, but when I am alone I dwell on things and it makes me sad.
Oh well I need to get dressed and somehow find some energy.
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