Anna (hookahkitty) wrote,

T-Minus 1 day

I apologize about the lack of updates, but I have been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff for the past few weeks getting ready to leave. In approximately 36 hours I will be leaving behind all that is comfortable and known to me and will replace it with a new set of memories and experiences. These past few weeks, which have been spent preparing myself emotionally for my departure, have made me realize how close I truly am to some people in my life, and how others are mere acquaintances. In additional, I have learned that if I follow my heart and do not give up on my intuition great things can come from it. It is amazing how refusing to lose track of someone can lead you to a great friend, a comrade, and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I am becoming more content, that spending 3.5 months away from everyone I care about will allow us to become closer, and the changes we endure during that time will strengthen our bond, albeit physically (well in the case of one person ) and emotionally. I also know that there is a good chance that one or two people in my life right now will no longer be apart of it and am saddened by the immediate possibly of their passing, but am content that I was able to see them through their best years. I nor anyone else in my life knows what the future will hold and what my leaving the country will bring. Will I still be my free-spirited self just a little more worldly, a little more aware, a little more mature or will I become a different person entirely? Will I finally find out my calling in life, or be left wondering and still searching for the events which lead to this amazing opprunity and the purpose behind them? These are question which will have to be re-explored and reexamined come December of 2006 and the months and years which follow.
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