Anna (hookahkitty) wrote,

An interesting change of events

So Thursday,I recieved a phone call from my old boss asking me to help them with a new project at $8 per hour + $1 per signature that we get over 30. Only a week before, I was going bananas figuring out how I was going to pay for all of my stuff for Kenya while still having some to bring with me to purchase items for myself and my friends and family. After going in today I found out that they will need people to continue on with the campaign until novemeber at the rate we were paid when the campaign ended. What a welcome relief it is to have a little cushion to allow myself to not worry so much about money while I am in a foregin country.

The best part about working was seeing firmilar faces which I have not seen for over a month. Working today made me realize that it was not the job and money I liked, but the people that I worked with that allowed me to come into work day after day. Unfourntantly, working on the campaign again made me realize how much I miss a specific person. Over a couple of weeks I developed a friendship with someone that I thought could develop into something more. Here was a way cool, chill, inteilgent, awesome person who kept asking me out to do things. Given my messed up experiences with men, be they friendships, relationships, crushes, etc I have been learning to listen to my inturtion and read people given the vibes they send out, and this man was sending out some pretty strong postive vibes. All would be well, given the fact that someone, somewhere, knew where he was and what he was doing. His phone has been disconnected for over a month and the email which my boss gave me keeps boucing back. Its not like anything romanticly could happen in the 2 weeks I'm still in the country, but a phone call or email letting me know he was ok would be nice, and a chance to see a friend before I head out on a life altering journey would be even better.
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